Rusland - 21e eeuw - vroeg tot midden - Baikal - Los originales de fábrica - Pistool - 4.5 Pellet Cal

Rusland - 21e eeuw - vroeg tot midden - Baikal - Los originales de fábrica - Pistool - 4.5 Pellet Cal
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The Baikal M657 pistol is the concept of a competition weapon designed and manufactured by the Baikal house so that the starting shooter has a suitable weapon. This pistol has everything you need to practice competitive shooting at 10 meters with the guarantee of making a good grouping depending on your skills.

The MP 657 gun has height-adjustable rear sight and is derived by regulatory screws. The front sight is square and has changeable plates of different widths (3). It has a soft trigger, an anatomical grip, a tilting single shot magazine, a precision rifled steel barrel and movable under-barrel counterweights to adjust the balance of the weapon.


Cal. 4.5 mm
Barrel length: 230 mm
Scope distance: 285 mm
Weapon Angular Length: 360 mm
Energy less than 7.5 joules
Trigger: Smooth for competition - Simple Action.
Number of shots with a CO2 load of 12 grams: Minimum 60 shots
Weapon dimensions: 340 x 170 x 50 mm
Weight: 876 g
Pellet speed: 150 m/seg.
Anatomical grip
Height and drift adjustable sights
Square Front Sight Point with changeable plates (3)
Single-shot action trigger (S/A), adjustable. The trigger allows to regulate the route of the first stroke and second stroke with a screw. The weight can be adjusted with another screw that adjusts it, leaving it even below 500 grams.
Single shot pistol for competition. The pellet magazine acts independently of the trigger of the weapon. The pistol is loaded with pellets with a single shot, tilting magazine that is operated by hand. The trigger of the pistol is loaded apart by pulling the hammer head forward with the finger.
Counterbalance (4) moveable by slide under the barrel.
High quality rifled steel barrel, sheathed.

Land van herkomst
21e eeuw - vroeg tot midden
Los originales de fábrica
Type wapen
4.5 Pellet Cal
150 m/s
Aluminium, Geblauwd stalen loop, Plastic
Loop/lemmet lengte
230 mm
Totale lengte
305 mm
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