Gabriel Glockendon - Gebetbuch des Kardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg - Codex 1847 - 2008

Gabriel Glockendon - Gebetbuch des Kardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg - Codex 1847 - 2008
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Gabriel Glockendon - Gebetbuch für Kardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg.
This manuscript is today kept as Codex 1847 in the Austrian National Library in Vienna. Few illuminated manuscripts from the late Middle Ages radiate as much harmony as the "Glockendon Gebetbuch" written in German, which was created in 1536/37. The master of these wonderful miniatures is Nikolaus Glockendon, the most famous scion of the Nuremberg family of artists. He created it for Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg, one of the greatest church princes of the Reformation. At the age of only 23, Albrecht von Brandenburg became Archbishop of Magdeburg and administrator of the diocese of Halberstadt. Only one year later he became archbishop of Mainz and cardinal in 1518. A brilliant theologian, Albrecht von Brandenburg surrounded himself with the greats of German humanism: Erasmus of Rotterdam, to name a prominent example, was his friend. As a lover of the arts he decorated his residences with the most important works of German masters. Despite the path he later took, he was one of those church leaders who endeavoured to mediate between all parties in the religious dispute with Martin Luther. Nikolaus Glockendon decorated the text, which is also easy to read for today's users, with 42 colour balanced miniatures on the life of Jesus and with the magnificent coat of arms of the Archbishop of Mainz. In the frames of the pictures he placed scenes from the Old Testament, which had already hinted at the salvation of the New Testament in a visionary way. The biblical scenes take place in a very concrete medieval world.
But it is not only the pictures that make up the quality of the manuscript, the 73 magnificent initials of the illuminator and collaborator of Glockendon, Georg Stierlein, also impress with their execution and magnificent decoration.
The Wissen Media Group created only 998 copies in 2008 (strictly limited and hand-numbered). The copy for sale is number 285.
Facsimile volume:
Format: approx. 25 x 19 cm. Red colour cut on three pages. Green reading ribbon.
42 full-page miniatures by Gabriel Glockendon and 73 splendid decorative initials. Gilding reproduced in miniatures and initials with printed gold.
Very nice brown original leather - binding with gold embossing. Spine with 5 frets, two red leather labels and also with gold embossing.
Scientific commentary volume by Dagmar Thoss:
Original linen - binding with golden illustration.
Format: approx. 24.5 x 19.5 cm. 61 pages + XVIII plates.
Facsimile and companion book in publisher-fresh condition.
Both together come to you in the original linen slipcase with the dimensions approx. 26 x 20.5 cm.
Fantastic book for bibliophile collectors and art connoisseurs.
Magnificent collector's item and decorative addition to your library.

Aantal boeken
Auteur/ Illustrator
Gabriel Glockendon
Gebetbuch des Kardinal Albrecht von Brandenburg - Codex 1847
Zo goed als nieuw
Publicatiejaar oudste item
Genummerde uitgave
Oorspronkelijke taal
Exclusivausgabe Wissen Media
Harde kaft
Beperkte oplage
Aantal pagina‘s.
25,5×20,5 cm
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