Rolling Stones - 8 LP Albums - Multiple titles - 2xLP Album (dubbel album), LP's - 1964/1973

Rolling Stones - 8 LP Albums - Multiple titles - 2xLP Album (dubbel album), LP's - 1964/1973
Number of items: 8 - Various conditions (see description) - Diverse persingen (zie de beschrijving)

ROLLING STONES collection ( 8 vinyl records including 1 free gift).
Originals (VG+/VG++/EX). Detailed collection description to read.
One owner (myself).
A maximum of ten plays with a THORENS record player, SHURE diamond cartridge (at the time it was the top).
A few micro-scratches in some places, the handwritten initial of my first name in some places and two pocket corners chewed by a little cat.
The most important is also the sound : the sound quality is really excellent (VG+/VG++ at least 95%).
Delivered in individual plastic sleeve plus individual cardboard packaging.

Brief description of the discs :

-THE ROLLING STONES (1964). Decca mono LK 4605. Made in England.
Lower pocket corner slightly damaged.
Sleeve VG+ Vinyl VG++

- OUT OF OUR HEADS (1965). Decca Stereo SKL 4733. Made in England.
Upper left pocket corner slightly damaged.
Sleeve VG+ Vinyl EX

- BEGGARS BANQUET (1968).SKL 4955. Made in England.
Sleeve VG+
Vinyl VG++

-EXILE ON MAIN ST (1972). COC 69 100 K. Musidor release France.
Sleeve VG+ Vinyl VG+

-STICKY FINGERS (1971). WEA release France. COC 59 100.
Sleeve VG+ Vinyl VG+

- ROLLING STONES Vol 10 and VOL 11 "LET IT BLEED". Decca (1969). 278 022.
"GET YER YA-YA'S OUT" (1973). COC 59 101.
Sleeve VG+ Vinyl VG+

(GIFT) - GOAT'S HEAD SOUP (1973). COC 59 101 .WEA Release France.
Sleeve VG- Vinyl VG+. ( GIFT )

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Rolling Stones
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8 LP Albums
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2xLP Album (dubbel album), LP's
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