Beeld - Brons - Grote Shakyamuni Boeddha - Thailand - Eind 20e eeuw

Beeld - Brons - Grote Shakyamuni Boeddha - Thailand - Eind 20e eeuw
Goede staat, zie beschrijving - 46×9.7×11.5 cm

Large Shakyamuni Buddha in Abhaya Mudra
Bronze, Thailand, late 20th

Height: 46 cm
Weight: 2,642 g

The Abhaya gesture shows the Buddha with the right hand raised, the palm facing outward and the fingers facing up, the left arm remaining alongside the body.

A symbol of protection and of the absence of fear, this mudrā evokes the story of when the Buddha was attacked by an enraged elephant in the streets of Rājagṛha. The animal, known for its bad character, came from the stables of Ajātaśatru, King of Magadha; it had been intoxicated at the instigation of Devadatta, the "bad cousin" of the Buddha, who wanted to assassinate him in this way... But the elephant, when it came before the Master, was subdued by his serenity, stopped dead and knelt before him to pay its respects to him.

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Eind 20e eeuw
Regio / land van herkomst
Thema / voorstelling
Grote Shakyamuni Boeddha
Goede staat, zie beschrijving
46×9,7×11,5 cm
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