Pre-Columbian Anthropomorph figurine, fired clay - 24cm

Pre-Columbian Anthropomorph figurine, fired clay - 24cm
200 BC to 200 AD, Nayarit, shaft-tomb culture, West-Mexico

This seated male figurine balances between the Nayarit San Sebastian Red Style and the Nayarit Type A Chinesco Style. Since these styles (and others) often overlap, many figurines defy categorization and therefore become even more interesting.
Present figurine, with its gazing expression and its high-spirited hands-on-knees position, radiates great serenity. It has clearly lidded eyes, well-incised, as are the mouth and the particular hairdress. Strong nose.
It is adorned with bracelets, multiple earrings, a necklace, a belt and scarifications.
It is pigmented overall with a burnished red slip. It is hollow, with a 2.5cm roundish gap on top of the head.


Professional restorations: head reattached; chip (ca1cm²) under left side of mouth filled up, reconstruction of the upper band (partly) and lower band (fully) of the right arm bracelet. Used material: less than 0.5% of total mass.

Presence of minor chips and scratches overall; aged planes of fracture (hairdress, belt); stable crack in right arm; good deposits and manganese blooming.

Condition: for a 2,000-year-old object, this figurine is nearly perfect.

In my private collection (Antwerp, Belgium) for more than 20 years and regularly acquired.

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